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Susan Reed

Since 1996, Susan has been creating master quality finishes, murals and specialty pieces.

Susan excels in marbling and woodgraining, as well as numerous textural finishes including venetian plaster, while still keeping her sense of humor and whimsy in the creation of murals for children.

Her newest products include repurposed furnishings, cabinetry, and floors. She has trained under many masters of the decorative finishing industry and continues to keep abreast of the newest trends and techniques.

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Susan's Approach to Projects

Once contacted, Susan will schedule to meet with you. During that meeting she will she her portfolio of work and listen and discuss your needs with you. After that, she develops a plan to show you how she will help you achieve your vision.

A proposal follows, a deposit is received and now the fun begins. Susan will provide you with large samples for your approval.

Once there is a final approval, the scheduling of work begins. Susan will work around your and your contractors' schedules. She maintains a rigid standard of high integrity for scheduling;  if she says she will be there, she will be there.

While she works on your project, you might not even know she's there. She keeps a clean work area and things will not be left out.

The products she uses are high quality, durable and environmentally friendly with low or no VOCs to affect you, your home, family or pets.

Next Steps...

Are you ready to talk about what Susan can offer to improve your environment? Then either call, email or fill out a form and Susan will get back to you to talk.